Listed Buildings

We rightly place great value on our historic and built environment. Under the planning system this is broadly protected and enhanced by the designation of Conservation Areas, placing buildings on a statutory list and through Tree Preservation Orders.
There is no requirement in the legislation that Conservation Areas should be protected from all development that does not enhance or positively preserve. While the character and appearance of Conservation Areas should always be given full weight in planning decisions, preservation can be achieved either by development which makes a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the area or by development which leaves the character and appearance unharmed.

Conservation Area Consent is required to demolish buildings or structures in Conservation Areas. It is also necessary to obtain the approval of the Local Planning Authority to fell, top or lop trees in a Conservation Area.

Buildings are listed by the Secretary of State because of their architectural merit and/or historic interest. They can also be listed for Group Value. Listings are categorised into Grade 1, Grade 2* and Grade 2. Buildings can also be locally listed if they are considered to possess local interest. Local listing is a matter for the local planning authority not the Secretary of State.

Retention of listed buildings can in some cases only be achieved by changing their use. While every effort should be made to retain a listed building in its original use, this is not always possible. Alterations associated with alternative uses should respect the original use preserving where possible original features. Works of Art fixed to the original structure need protection.

Specialist advice is required when contemplating development in Conservation Areas or development that affects Listed Buildings or the setting of a Listed Building.

Services Include;

  • Initial assessment of the character of a Conservation Area
  • Initial assessment of the quality of a Listed Building
  • Whether Conservation Area Consent and/or Listed Building Consent is required for development/alterations
  • Preparation of reports placing relevant conservation and listed building issues in a planning policy context
  • The recommendation of specialist architects who can advise on the detailed merits of Listed Buildings and the reason why alterations, change of use or even demolition may be acceptable